My week in pictures #115

Sunday, April 12

(From top left) My first web design as part of my university course work was submitted a week ago. My gorgeous new tote bag from New Look. A yummy mac and cheese burger before leaving for Aviemore on Saturday. A bike ride with an amazing view of the cairngorms.
My last teaching week of first year was so uneventful I couldn't be bothered to write about it last weekend. I had quite a few pieces of coursework to finish and submit before I got to go home for easter. On the Friday Scott came round for me after work and gave me a lift home because on Saturday I went for our annual trip to Aviemore. You can see what I got up to last year here: A Postcard From Aviemore.

I went out for Lunch with my Uncle Ron and Aunty Sheila before we drove up to Aviemore to meet my big cousins. My mac and cheese burger was pretty good too. We didn't get there until tea time so not much happened on the Saturday. On the Sunday though it was HOT. We went on a bike ride and had lunch outside a cafe... obviously being ginger I got sunburnt and felt pretty rubbish and grumpy at night. 

(From top left) We had a picnic beside the Climbing Club bridge in the middle of the forest. A few goodies from H&M Inverness while on holiday. We took a ride on the steam train... I was so excited! Came home to find mum had bought two new fish to keep Fizz company - we've named one 'Nammy' but don't know about the other one.
It was such a busy week and we all had so much fun. Because the weather was so amazing we spent most days outside biking or walking. We had more than one picnic beside the river too. Being with my little cousins (4 and 6) is always funny so there is never a dull moment. We went swimming almost everyday and teaching Finlay to kick his legs and the trust he put in me to keep him safe was astounding.

We also went on the steam train which just turned me into a big kid. We always watch it go past but I've not been on since I was little so any excuse really. It was another lovely day so we eat outside a cafe again before heading home. The girls managed to catch a morning shopping in Inverness too. I picked up a few goodies in H&M and also saw a pair of sandals in Topshop which could be a possibility for Tenerife. The last day was spent in the traditional way with a walk round loch an eilein and dinner at the cairngorm hotel.

Coming home on Saturday wasn't a bad thing because I was excited to see Scott. We'd been planning a nandos date so once I'd been home a while and caught up with my parents (who also had a week away) he came to pick me up. Dinner was super tasty and we used out vouchers just in time. 

I actually have a few questions about how you follow my blog - if you regularly stop by here please let me know. I've been losing followers via bloglovin' which is disheartening... I also have been struggling with content too which is new for me. I'd love some new inspiration and hopefully a couple of weeks at home will help with that. I'm also going to add a 'follow via email' widget so if you're interested in the please sign up in my sidebar.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their easter break as much as I did!


  1. Oh my goodness! Steam train journeys are my absolute favourite. I wrote all a bout the North Yorkshire moors railway a few months ago. It's just a wonderful way to appreciate the countryside and the wonderful views along the way ❤️
    Bee xxx

  2. you should posting about steam railways journey. I really curious about it and the photos would be great!

    xxx June


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