Wednesday Wishes and Wants (The Bikini Edit)

Wednesday, April 8

1. All About Eve 2. Aster Yellow Bikini 3. Forever 21 4. Black Stripe Bikini 5. Textured Bikini Set (Similar) 6. Purple Ditsy Floral Bikini
I've been laying out on the patio in the sun the past few days - it is unbelievable in Scotland in April. It has been crazily warm in Aviemore which has been great for our annual family holiday. All this extra heat is just getting me more excited for Tenerife which is now in 73 days (not that I'm counting or anything).

I'm not normally a bikini person because I feel very self conscious about my less than flat stomach... Scott is slowly making me more comfortable in my skin. I've been obsessed with finding some perfect swimwear for my holidays. You can see the other things I've been pinning here

Which is your favourite??

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  1. I am totally the same - counting down to my holidays! I bought SO many bikinis last year that I can't justify buying anymore this year. High waisted bikinis are my absolute fave. I love bottom right!
    Estelle x -


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