My week in pictures #116

Sunday, April 19

(From top left) Going to Scotts on Wednesday. Upgraded my phone to a Moto G. Scott and I made paella for tea on Friday night. We also watched 'Nightcrawler' which was... weird. Some goodies arrived in the post from Prairie Charms - check back on Tuesday to see what I got. Made some burgers for our BBQ on Saturday night.
I came home from Aviemore with such good intentions to get started with revision for the Exams which are in May... Mostly I just procrastinate though which is disappointing. On Tuesday I went over to Scotts for tea. We made enchiladas which were delicious and continued watching hell's kitchen.

After a big of a nightmare with delivery my new phone finally arrived on Wednesday morning. I'm loving my new Moto G from Motorola with its big screen and android operating system. I'm thinking about a post specifically about it so I think I will leave it there. I did spend most of Wednesday playing with it though...

I finally got going with my revision and did quite a lot of Thursday but on Friday I went to Scotts again to help out with some DIY - we took all the wallpaper off the ceiling in his old bedroom so he can get it replastered. After all that we were exhausted and spent the evening on the sofa watching Nightcrawler and eating the homemade Paella which was amazing. Nightcrawler is an odd film - I didn't dislike it but I'm not in a hurry to see it again. You just have no empathy with any of the characters.

Saturday was by far the laziest day of the week. After getting home from Scotts in the morning I felt awful like I was coming down with the cold so I spent the majority of the day in bed watching youtube and feeling sorry for myself. Sunday hasn't been a lot different apart from going into town to find some post easter mini eggs and scrapbooking in the afternoon (while watching more youtube videos). 

Next week is going to be REVISION, REVISION, REVISION!!!

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