A Little Prairie Charms Haul

Tuesday, April 21

Knot Hair Ties | Heart Clips | Stripe Paper Straws | Ella Head Wrap

Just a quick post today to show you some of the goodies that arrived at the weekend from Prairie Charms. I responded to a tweet about one of their mystery bags which promise to be worth over £25 but only cost me £5 + £2.50 postage.

I love all the gorgeous colours - the heart clip in particular is a stunning teal colour and will be perfect with party dresses. I really like the lilac head wrap too which is a style I've been getting really into recently. The only problem with this one is it has to be tied round your head while on which I found a little tricky. Hopefully I will be able to incorporate into an outfit post soon. 

I've seen a lot of Knot Hair Ties around but I don't have any myself. I don't actually tie my hair up a lot so would love some advice if you have similar accessories. Another thing I need some tips with are these paper straws? Do you have a cool craft project to do with them? Please let me know in the comments.

The final thing I'm excited to use are these gold transfer tattoos - a summer craze I can't wait to get into. Overall I'm really happy with everything I got - it is worth having a look at their website and give them a follow on twitter @prairie_charms.


  1. I really love the gold tattoo transfers too! Definitely going to be getting some for the summer!


  2. Wow!!! So cute . I especially love the set of 3 hair bands :)


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