My Summer Bucket List

Monday, June 15

A big perk of being a student is the long summer holiday we have - I obviously want to fill this time as productively as possible. I already have a few plans like going on holiday (on Sunday), T in the Park in July and I'm also going to Inverness to visit my flatmate for her birthday. I've come up with a few things I also want to do and decided on a 'bucket list' - wish me luck!


Go to a water park (and not let my fear of heights get in the way).

Visit the giraffes at Blair Drummond safari park.

Learn to drive and be almost ready to pass my driving test by September.

Go to Edinburgh Zoo on a sunny day.

Enjoy as many bands as possible in the fresh air (and hopefully sunshine) at T in the Park.

Spend as much time as I can enjoying the sunshine and reading books in the garden.

Order some awesome material to make a co-ord set from for summer time and maybe a trip to the beach.


  1. Ah I wish I was a student again and had long summers! My summer will just consist of weekends off work haha :( But love everything you've listed - especially reading more - there's something lovely about being in the sun with a good book :)

    Beth x

  2. Lovely summer bucket list, Claire! There's definitely something so lovely about planning ahead for outdoor activities in the fresh air and sunshine. I'm with you on a sunny day at the zoo, reading outside and a trip to the beach - I think I'll need to toss in a BBQ and a couple of afternoons in a beer garden as well!



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