My week in pictures #124

Sunday, June 14

(From top left) My T in the Park ticket arrived and it is now officially only a month until the festival. This EasyWax kit arrived from Veet as well just in time for my holiday - will give it a go and then post a review for you all. I've spent a couple of day in the garden reading, working on a tan and I managed to finish this crime thriller set in Aberdeen. On Friday an interview I did for Fashiola went live on their blog - you can check it out here and they also did this cute collage of one of my outfits. I rarely find a bargain in charity shops but yesterday I picked these faith heels for only £1.50! Off to the pub on Saturday night to watch the Scotland game and a few too many ciders.
This week has been just about as unproductive as the last few... I'm so excited to go to Tenerife time is dragging. It doesn't help with not really got anything productive to do. The weather however did pick up on Wednesday and Thursday so it was warm enough to sit in the garden and read my book. I'm starting to develope a tan too which is awesome.

I did some driving again with Scott on Wednesday which went much better than last time. Sometimes I just need someone to explain something a little differently and I can instantly do it (like starting the car without stalling... five times). We had my favourite spaghetti and meatballs which was of course amazing.

I went to do a little shopping with mum on Saturday morning - I originally went in to get suncream which they had sold out of factor 50 however I spotted these faith shoes in The cancer research shops. They had a half price offer on so they were only £1.50 and to be honest they would have been a bargain at £3 too. In the afternoon I was back to Scotts because we were going to meet his parents at the pub to watch the football. We ended up staying out for quite a while and had a few drinkies. 

Luckily we weren't too hung over and were able to enjoy our sausages this morning. We took a walk down the street to New Look but I didn't see anything I fancied for going away. We did get headphone splitter for watching movies on the airplane so it wasn't unproductive.

I was a bag blogger yesterday - I had a post all ready to go then forgot as we headed out to the pub. I have scheduled it for tomorrow afternoon though as a bonus.

There may or may not be a post next Sunday - we will be in Tenerife and my macbook will be staying at home (I need a rest from social media). I might be able to get a post scheduled up before I leave though.

Hope everyone else had a great week too - I'm away for my BBQ tea now.

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