My week in pictures #123

Monday, June 8

(From top left) Bundi looking handsome at the top of the stairs. Finally finished Holy Fools - a great read! I made feta and spinach parcels for dinner on Thursday. I also made cookies on Friday night to take to my aunties on Saturday. Off to visit my aunt and uncle in Perth. I've reached 350 followers on bloglovin' - Thank you so much! 
My little G is for Ginger has finally reached 350 bloglovin' followers! After two and a half years of blogging I am so happy to finally reach this milestone. It has been tough going with my little blog losing followers recently and new followers almost stopping. I want my blog to keep growing in content, engagement and following. If you have any tips for me let me know below please.

It has been a slow week with not much happening. Sadly the poor weather has mostly kept me inside - I can't wait until it is warm enough to lie in the garden and read a book. As normal I went to Scotts for tea on Wednesday and we made VERY spicy fajitas. 

The exciting things this week happened at the weekend. Mum and I went to Perth to see my aunty and uncle - I've not seen them since March so it was lovely to catch up (and eat too much food). We got home quite late which meant a late dinner and even later to bed. 

On Sunday my cousins came out to visit and we got cuddles from baby Sophie again. She was awake for ages too looking around her - I can't wait to see her growing up! My little cousins (second cousins really) are all so much fun. Scott was also there for the day and we chilled. I did some more baking with a summer berry tart (similar to this recipe).

I have blogged twice this week too with a Skincare Review on Tuesday and an Outfit of the Day post on Thursday - please check them out and let me know what you think.

I've also relisted some of my dresses on ebay with lower starting prices - check them out here. They are all ending on Thursday night.


  1. Congratulations on 350 followers!
    Your cookies look delicious, I need to do more baking!

  2. Congratulations! Blogging is never easy especially when it feels like your writing for nobody. And can i just say how adorable Bundi is! I've love to see more of the beauty x

  3. Love your pictures, those cookies looks delicious!!


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