A Cute Summer Party Look

Thursday, June 11

Dress: Influence (via TK Maxx) | Sandals: La Redoute | Hat: Primark | Bag: Matalan | Bracelet: Wear Eponymous* 
I bought this dress years ago (maybe 2011) from TK Maxx for a bargainous £5 because there was a few small rips in it. The cost per wear must be tiny by now because I've worn it to many parties. However I was going to chuck it to the charity shop but after trying it on today I've changed my mind. It is super pretty and girly - really the perfect summer dress. It does have one big disadvantage... it is very fragile! Along the seams where it is attached to the lace I keep ripping it. Luckily I am handy with a sewing machine and some iron on tape.

Here I styled it for a summer party style look with silver accessories. Also because it is summer I wore my straw hat which has never featured on the blog but I love it. Now all that is left is being invited to a party... actually this dress might make the cut for coming to Tenerife.

Going to do my best to take a few pictures for a summer bucket list post for Saturday. Now off to put on some aftersun because I'm looking a bit pink... oops!


  1. Amie Cadwallader12 June 2015 at 20:56

    That dress is absolutely beautiful! It has summer written all over it! Fabulous post and fashion sense!

    Love, Amie <3


  2. Roxie Ferguson13 June 2015 at 19:30

    Such a pretty dress! Perfect for Summer and I love the accessories you've chosen.

    Roxie ♥

  3. This is SUCH a cute look on you! I love it :)

    Lisa | www.topazandmay.com

  4. That hat looks super cute, love this outfit it's super summery!

    Courtney xo


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