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Thursday, July 9

Tomorrow I will be traveling to my third T in the Park at its new home in the grounds of Strathallan Castle. After two years you feel like you know what you are doing with the whole music festival thing. This year however we are forecast lots of rain so it might be very different.

Firstly I think it is essential you have a bag that has a zip closing - therefore things will stay safely inside when you are jumping. A phone is crucial for me although I won't be taking my beloved Moto G so this little samsung will do nicely for the odd text or call.

Being a blogger (and just photography obsessed in general) my camera will not be left behind. This little olympus can take great photos and now I know how to play around with the settings I should be able to snap my favourite bands and friends. It will not however be going into my bag - I've found if I wrap the strap twice around my wrist it won't fall even if I'm not holding onto it. That way no one with light fingers can take it off me either.

A water bottle is something I included in last years 'Festival Camping Do's and Don'ts' post. I start to feel really unwell if I don't drink enough. I have found having one you can clip to your lanyard or handbag is even better so I got this one from Home Bargains for under a pound. The wipes are also from Home Bargains and will be handy for trips to 'those' festival portaloos. Nice soft lips is something I always aim for and being outside all day (whether in the sun or cold) can be tough on them. This nivea lip salve was a bargain from poundland and had a lovely light pink colour.

I've never found I needed to carry my ticket around with me but it will be in my bag for getting through the gates. I also will carry all my money on me - it would be the easiest thing something would steal from your tent and it should be safer in a zip compartment in my bag. Last but not least I will carry my ID with me because no matter how old you look everyone gets ID'd to buy drink at a festival and it wouldn't be the same without a cider. I choose to take my young scot card rather than my driving licence because if I lost that my learning to drive with stop... before it has properly started.

I couldn't be more excited right now - I just have to pick the clothes I'm taking then stuff everything into my huge backpack. We are leaving about 8am tomorrow morning but I won't sleep a wink tonight.

What do you think of my festival bag? I'd love to know what you would do differently.

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  1. I love this! I haven't been to a festival but I'm pretty sure I will in the next couple of years and this is really helpful! Definitely going to keep some of these in mind! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  2. Have a great time! Good shout leaving your good phone and important ID at home, no festival is worth losing those haha!

    Michaela Cooks

  3. glad you left your ID at home. glad you had fun



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