My week in pictures #128

Tuesday, July 14

(From top left) My snapfish order arrived and it is great to see hard copies of my holiday photos. Gave my bedroom floor a good clean and hoover - bundi seems to be enjoying it anyway. Maybe the sign of being an adult? Sorted the gas and electric for the flat. Classic unwashed hair at T in the Park this weekend. George Ezra was a highlight of the weekend for me. My wrist bands off without being cut to add to my growing collection.
I am currently writing this post from my bed because after getting home from T in the Park yesterday lunch time I've come down with the cold. This morning I felt so unwell I wasn't able to get out of bed or even stay awake for that long. I am starting to feel better now though and was finally able to get something to eat.

Last week wasn't full of very much activity. I'm finally trying to sort of a driving instructor (more difficult than I first thought) and getting ready for going to T in the Park. I went to Scott's on Wednesday and we made the most delicious sweet and sour pork meatballs

Just before 9am on Friday morning we left for the first T at strathallan castle in Perthshire. Scotts dad gave us a lift but as we queued for an hour in the rain we weren't really in the mood. Once the tent was pitched and a few ciders drunk we were more in the right mood - I saw a really good friend I've not seen in ages.

I saw some really great sets including George Ezra, Stereophonics and Noel Gallagher. I have a separate post planned for all that though. The weekend was very tiring with alot of walking and dancing. Never seen anyone torch their tent before at a festival (I actually thought it was more of a myth) but it is kinda scary… I don't think Strathallan castle is the best location for the music festival though and they were bound to have some teething problems. Since coming home I've read some really negative things on the media but I had a fantastic time.

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