Styling George at Asda: Bright Orange Leaf Print

Tuesday, August 4

Top: George at Asda* | Skirt: Next | Shoes: Vans | Barrette: Stone Bridge* 
When the package arrived from George this was the first item to go on and I kept wearing it for the rest of the day. The top is just the right kind of soft and cosy for a slightly chilly day now I'm just hoping it stays this soft for along time. It is so bright and looks perfect with denim if you want to look more than just casual. I've worn it with my hollister jeans a few times but I thought it would also go with my new skirt.

I bought this denim skirt on ebay last week for a bargainous £2.50 plus p&p. Knowing it was from Next I felt like I could guarantee the fit and the quality too. While I wanted something that wasn't too short but I can't decide if I feel 'mumsy' in it so it might come up an inch or two... We shall see how ambitious I feel.

I wish I was better at putting accessories in my hair and it didn't take me ages but today I added this Barrette from Stone Bridge which is so pretty. It keeps my hair out of the way when it is windy too which is a bonus.

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