My week in pictures #131

Sunday, August 2

(From top left) On Monday I had my first driving lesson and decided to book my theory test too. I finished Oscar Wilde and the Ring of Death which was a brilliant read. Pizza Express with mum on Thursday and I finally got to try their calzone which was yummy. I spent the first night in my new bed in Aberdeen - I also picked up these Ikea bedside tables on Gumtree for only £7.50 each! This denim skirt was another good buy on ebay which will be a great addition to my wardrobe. Today I went to my first Aberdeen away game to see them beat Dundee United. 
On Monday morning I woke up at 9:15am... exactly 15 minutes before my first driving lesson!! Despite my panic and rush to get ready the lesson went really well - we drove into town and then went on to practice right hand turns. It went so well it inspired me to book my theory test which is in a few weeks.

Wednesday was also productive as I went to pick up these two bedside tables for my new room which I picked up on Gumtree for only £15 for the pair. Then I spent the afternoon at my aunt and uncles with my little cousins. Then off to Scotts at night where we made a really good tea with pasta and meatballs.

Finally on Thursday mum and I got down to Aberdeen to paint my new bedroom. The walls are now perfectly white and it makes me so happy. They were so dirty and stained before I would of hated living in it. We stayed the night and went out for dinner at Pizza Express for it was a proper girls getaway. We also replaced the silicon around the bath - I have some amazing before and after pictures which make me very happy.

Two very sleepy people drove back on Friday night because on Saturday we were off to Ikea in Edinburgh where I spent plenty of money on homeware. Lots of colourful pieces and a lovely rug to brighten up the flat. I'm excited to move in properly now. However much of a nightmare our landlady might be. Again I fell asleep on Saturday very easily.

To finish off my already busy week I went to Dundee today to see Aberdeen FC play Dundee United. A few drinks in the pub beforehand and we won which of course made our day! I had enchiladas with Scott and cuddles on the sofa before getting home at about 10:30pm. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on some sleep this week. 

I spent the majority of this week without my macbook which made things a little difficult but I still managed to blog twice. You can see some other photos from my week in my Instagram ginger_claire.

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