My week in pictures #134

Monday, August 24

(From top left) I binged watched Hot Wet American Summer on netflix... still not sure I really enjoyed it. Love having gel nails done at home - this colour is so pretty. Going out for tea on Tuesday for Eilidh's birthday. Starting to help Eilidh make placemats for our new flat. We watched Love Rosie on Netflix and I cried my eyes out most of the way through... SCOTT AND I BOOKED A HOLIDAY TO ORLANDO FOR JUNE NEXT YEAR!!

I'm going to Orlando guys!!! Okay it isn't until next year but Scott and I booked our hotel and flights on Sunday afternoon so I'm officially very excited.

Apart from that I spent this week in Inverness visiting my flatmate Eilidh and her family. I got the train through on Monday morning in time to celebrate her birthday on Tuesday. We went to Pizza Express for tea which was yummy as always... and we had a bottle of wine each! Apart from that we did plenty of homeware shopping for our new place (we move in next week) and caught up with a uni friend who I hadn't seen since May.

On the Wednesday Eilidh's mum took me to Chanonry Point in the hope we would see the dolphins - sadly we didn't but it was a lovely day to sit on the beach for a couple of hours. At night Eilidh and I caught up with some movies we wanted to see on Netflix. I really really enjoyed 'You May Not Kiss the Bride' (very funny) and I even enjoyed 'Love Rosie' despite crying through most of it!
I got the train home on Friday and my boyfriend met me at the station and drove me the rest of the way home. I was crazy sleepy when I got home though. On Saturday morning Mum and I did a little shopping in town before having a catch up over lunch. In the evening I went to meet Scott and his parents for a few drinks in town. We had a good chat and a really good night out before getting pizza and going home.

You already heard about how I spent my Sunday. Scott and I were in our jammies most of the afternoon browsing holiday sites and watching cooking shows on the TV. The perfect lazy Sunday if you ask me and the countdown to Orlando can begin (292 days FYI).

Hope you all had as good a week as I did! I'd love to know what you got up to so please leave me a comment.

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