An Everyday Scottish Summer Outfit

Thursday, August 27

Top: Diva Dames* | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: F&F | Coat: Fat Face | Necklace: Shudehill Giftware
I feel like I've worn this outfit a lot over the summer - I love this light and floaty top from Diva Dames for warm days. I've washed it a lot too and it is still in good condition so a bargain for only £9. This isn't actually much different from the way I styled it last time but I bought these cropped jeans recently and I'm a total convert. They are so so comfy (the comfiest pair I own actually) and I'll be really gutted when it is too cold to wear them. I bought them for £10 in the topshop sale but they've now gone down to £5! If I were you I would by them and keep them in my wardrobe without spring.

An outfit in Scotland isn't complete without a raincoat - mum bought this one from me in the Fat Face sale near the start of the holidays and it has come in handy. This summer I've barely been able to leave the house without something to keep me warm or dry. I can't get enough of how bright it is - maybe not everyone's cup of tea but it certainly turns heads.

Today has taken an upwards swing because I have finally managed to locate which pub I left my driving licence at the weekend meaning I won't have to fork out £20 for a new one or risk losing my passport during freshers week. Hope everyone else is having a great week!

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