My week in pictures #136

Monday, September 7

(From top left) The move back to Aberdeen on Monday with a car full of stuff. Such a cute moving in present from Eilidh - don't our keys look sweet. First meal at our dining table - an M&S meal deal and a bottle of wine. My new curtains look so good in my bedroom. A few sale goodies from Topshop and a frame from Primark. First night out of second year although we only went to the pub because of my lack of ID.
This week has been both stressful and exciting in equal measure. Living without Internet has left me feeling very out of touch so frequent trips to the library are needed. It took me several days to get it sorted properly but we now have the date of the 17th of September for our internet to start. Our landlady isn't very easy to deal with and we've still not seen the full gas safety certificate for our flat. On Wednesday night Scott and I couldn't even get the oven to light so we're 'forced' to go to Papa John's for a pizza.

Most of my week has been spent unpacking and popping to the shops for the little essentials you forget. The flat is starting to look really homely now though so I'm happy. Just a few final touches needed and some more frames for my bedroom.

My flatmate was away both Wednesday and Thursday nights so I had to keep myself busy. Scott came round on Wednesday and we watched TV and like I said had to get a takeaway too. 

Eilidh was back at Friday tea time so we got a meal for two from M&S. Drank our bottle of wine and caught up on bake off. On Saturday after our trip to the library to get the internet we went into town. I bought a few things in the Topshop sale (expect a sales haul later this week) and Eilidh got material for crafting. We decided to head out to the pub at night so got a little dressed up and went to socialise. The rugby was on so that made me happy (even though Scotland lost). 

I spent Sunday with Scott - cooked the food we bought for Wednesday (because I can now use the oven) and had an early night. We aren't a very exciting couple and we were in bed falling asleep about half nine. 

Hopefully this week is more exciting and I can share some more blog posts with you. Currently watching the new freshers out of the library window getting a tour of the campus. 

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