A Day Out in Glen Clova and a Picnic at Loch Brandy

Wednesday, September 2

On Saturday when Scott suggested a walk up the Glens I jumped at the chance. It takes just over an hour to get to Glen Clova from where my family stay so it is somewhere I've been my whole life. We've never taken the steep path up the side of the valley to Loch Brandy before though.

I will admit it was tough on my legs at first but the views were spectacular so it was easy to stop for a rest. It was a typical Scottish day in the fact we had warm sun then cloud, mist, rain then sunshine when we got back to the car. The rain started midway through our picnic but it didn't dampen our moods at all.

I snapped away on my nikon SLR camera taking lots of landscape photos (which still need work) but the photos of my were taken on Scotts samsung galaxy. I hope you enjoy them.

I'm going to be living in the flat with no internet until the 17th of September so it will be very quiet on the social media front. I'm in the library just now typing up this post so it looks like it is going to be the only way for a few weeks... Doesn't make for a very happy Claire or an easy life.

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