My week in pictures #138

Sunday, September 27

(From top left) We watched 'Life of Crime' on Monday night which I would definitely recommend for something a little different. At the pub on Wednesday I watched Scotland beat Japan in their first game of the world cup. Eilidh made me this awesome little bag from the fabric I bought in Hobby Craft - she actually makes and sells them on etsy too (her shop is called 'A Pretty Something Sewn').  On Saturday we visited the Dovecot Studios in Edinbugh - I found their tapestries really inspiring so hopefully I'll have enough photos for a whole post. Lunch at Mother India Cafe was delicious and if your in Edinburgh I'd recommend it 100%. The supermoon is tonight and we got to see it coming up while walking the dogs this evening. 
Wow that a difference a week makes... This one was pretty stressful so by the time 5pm on Friday came round I was very happy to let my parents take me home for a weekend of relaxing. I got soaked walking to and from uni on the Monday which didn't do much for my mood. Tuesday wasn't much more eventful although we did discover that the door to our block was locked. Luckily I was already in for the night but our landlord hadn't given us a key. 

Cue lots of stress on Wednesday as I left my phone in the flat, had to sort out getting keys and was stressing about not getting back in. No wonder my Asthma got alot worse this week... After a couple of trips to the housing office I finally got a key then we went to the pub to watch the rugby. I had a delicious burger at 'The Bobbin' on king street at I'd recommend to anyone. Even though I was very happy Scotland won their match against Japan I was even happier to see Scott at the end of the day. We made tacos and started catching up on all the hells kitchen episodes we've missed since I've not had internet. Cuddles with your favourite person makes everything better - although not quite as I couldn't sleep because of my Asthma. 

Thursday and Friday were both pretty uneventful - I just went to lectures and practical classes. On Friday though my parents brought a friend who is staying with them up to see our fancy library and campus. I got to go home with them before I had a driving lesson on Saturday morning. 

After my driving lesson (which went very well considering I've not had one in over a month) we headed to Edinburgh for the day. We visited the writers museum and dovecot studio as well as having lunch at Mother India Cafe. You will have to wait until Thursday post to hear more about that though. 

Today mum and I went into town to pick up some essentials (perks of being at home). In the afternoon I managed to take some outfit photos to share with you in the next few weeks then watch the rugby. They also beat the USA which was good - seeing your favourite team win twice in one week is pretty amazing. 

To finish to day off we took the dogs for a walk and saw the supermoon rising. I'm now blogging beside the fire while mum puts the steak pie in the oven - pretty perfect! 

I'm not sure if Thursday post went live when I scheduled it for... I'd been promoting it on my social media too! Oopps! It didn't appear on my blog until I pressed publish today but the date still says Thursday. I'm not sure what happened? 

I hope if you were having a bad week it has turned itself round now - or if it hasn't I'm sure it will soon. 

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