An Autumnal Wishlist

Thursday, September 24

1. James & Friends A5 Notebook 2. Gryffindor Sweat Top Pyjama Set 3. Suedette A-Line Dress 4. Mustard Tie Neck Blouse 5. MORELLA Ankle Strap Flat Shoes
As it is only my first month back at university I'm trying very hard to save the triple loan payment we get at the start of September. Don't get me wrong I've bought plenty but now my cash is running low and I don't want to have to dip into my savings. Especially when I've been buying clothes and not food! The items on this list are probably going to remain wishes for a while longer. 

I really need these jammies in my life but at £11 they are more expensive than your standard primark pair and I just can't justify it. If I have money left in my account at the end of the month I'm running straight to my nearest store. The same goes for this shirt - it is a gorgeous colour and I'm sure I could pair it with every demin item in my wardrobe. 

The suedette dress is another one that is the perfect colour for autumn and the style will look amazing this season too. I definitely think it is cute enough to layer up too for when it gets even colder. I do like a pair of cute party shoes but don't have anywhere to wear them too. These silver ones would be perfect for dancing the night away.

Finally the James & Friends notebook. I've been religiously watching Jim Chapmans vlogs for about a year so when he released his stationary I was intrigued. It is cute and colourful which I love so now I'm just waiting for them to release the travel mug too.

Hope you like the things in my wishlist and please let me know if there are any pieces you are dying to add to your wardrobe this season.


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