Giving Nairns Snackers a Taste

Wednesday, October 7

If there is one thing I love it is snacking - any time of day and almost any food. It is not good for me and whenever possible I try to switch to a healthier alternative. This is where these Nairns Snackers come in. They are only 100 calories and full of flavour too. 

Snackers Cheese Multibag*
Cheese Flavouring isn't something I would naturally go for but these aren't too cheesy at all. As they are baked they don't have that greasy texture of crisps. I also think they fill you up better than crips too - the perfect size for throwing in your bag incase you get hungry.

Snackers Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Multibag*
This is probably the flavour of crisps I would be most drawn too and these didn't disappoint. They are the right mix of vinegar and salt. Perfect to have alongside cheese as a snack. Every Time I'm hungry at home mum tells me to have oatcakes the problem is I'm not the biggest fan of their bland flavour. My mum is right though (as always) the wholegrain oats keep you feeling fuller for longer and on top of that they are naturally high in fiber too.

I will definitely be repurchasing these as a healthier alternative. I notice they do caramelised onion flavour too which I'd love to try. 

What healthy snacks would you swear by? Let me know in the comments!

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