My week in pictures #139

Monday, October 5

(From top left) Looking at shells in a geology practical this week (and writing descriptions). Watched South Africa beat Scotland in their latest world cup game. Made cottage pie for Sunday tea - it was delicious. Watched Yours, Mine & Ours on Sunday night - a really funny movie.
This week hasn't been very eventful but I did manage to get quite a bit of uni work done so I'm happy about that. It is scary how in your third week back things can mount up so much. I woke up to the news the trains between where I live and Aberdeen were canceled on Monday morning. Feeling sick at the thought of getting the bus I went to the train station early to discover they were able to offer a limited service. Rushing home then walking to asda before my first class at 3pm meant I was pretty shattered - my new woodland bedding was so worth it though.

For some reason during September both Scott and I have been busy bees so we've only seen each other once a week. We were pretty excited just to spend Wednesday night chilling. After making chilli nachos for tea (one of our faves) we watched some hells kitchen and got an earlyish night. 

Friday was another pretty chilled night - my flatmate and I caught up on the GBBO and hunted... while playing sims too. Saturday was a pretty good day too - I headed into town after the football to meet Scott. We watched the Scotland game while moving from pub to pub. Scotland could have played better but it was always gonna be a tough game so they didn't do badly. The rest of the evening gets hazy after that - I vaguely remember watching England get beat and several more vodkas drunk. We headed home before midnight (I think) to have pizza and dough balls. The pizza was from morrisons 'made in store' range and it was so tasty. 

Thankfully Sunday was hangover free and spent the way all Sundays should - by doing nothing. We looked at things to do in Florida and made cottage pie for tea. Comfort food at its best! Home time for Scott came all too soon after the season finale of Hell's Kitchen. Can't wait to see him on Wednesday again.

On Thursday my macbook started playing up with the trackpad behaving irratically. Sometimes it would work sometimes it was impossible. After trying lots of different things it appears to have fixed itself by Sunday morning... Thanks macbook for putting me through all that worry!


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