Growing Up in Halloween Costumes

Thursday, October 29

Witch - Age Three
I love dressing up - I always have. I like the art and creativity in it but most importantly it is fun. Going to a party where your friends are all someone different is pretty magical. What better excuse than Halloween and this year I've decided to share with you some of my past Halloween costumes.

Witch - Age Eight

Devil - Age Nine
My mum is amazingly creative and great with a sewing machine so I can thank her for most of my efforts. This devil's dress for example was so simple but effective with the red 'scale-like' sequins. I used to think she was amazing at makeup too and would beg her to do that for me.
Zombie Bride - Age Eleven

Zombie - Age Eleven

Dust Witch - Age Thirteen
This costume is particularly special to me - when I was thirteen we went to see a stage production of 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' and I was blown away. The dust which character in particular was my favourite. Just the right amount of creepy - I was on the edge of my seat as she flew around the stage.

Mum and I worked on this costume together and it is amazingly accurate - it is just a shame no one knew the character. Many of my friends didn't recognise me though... so there is that!

Little Red Riding Hood - Age Seventeen

Orphan - Age Eighteen
I've always believed that halloween costumes should have an element of scary about them and not just be cute (or dare I say it... sexy!?). I always enjoy getting handy with the fake blood and some ghostly eyes too.

Bat - Age Eighteen

Little Red Riding Hood - Age Nineteen
My bat costume I was particularly pleased with because it was mostly my own handy work. The velvet actually makes for a pretty glamorous dress and it was surprisingly easy too. I did a tutorial a couple of years ago you can see here.

Last year I kind of outfit repeated... being a student though meant time was limited to come up with something new. I was pretty pleased with the slash marks on my eyes though and we were going into town so I didn't really want a full face of make up.

I'd love to know if you enjoyed this post - I certainly loved finding the photos for it. I have loads more costumes that aren't related to halloween if you'd like to see a similar post.

Don't forget to check my week in pictures post on Sunday evening to see what my costume was like this year!

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