My week in pictures #143

Monday, November 2

(From top left) Tea at Pizza Express with the old flatmates on Monday. New earrings* arrived from the Body Jewellery Shop on Tuesday. Scott and I went to see Spectre on Wednesday for date night. Looking at this beauty of a dress that arrived on Friday. Halloween face paint - although I didn't go for this look in the end. My halloween costume before such a good night out.
Last week was another busy week and I felt like I was dashing around with my feet barely touching the ground. I hate feeling like I'm putting half measures into everything just because I need to get it all finished. Saying that though there were some really good points too. 

After arriving back to Aberdeen on Monday morning and getting university out of the way I met up with my old flatmates for dinner. We went to pizza express (delicious as always) and it was so lovely to be together again and have a proper catch up. Definitely the best way to spend a dark monday night.

Tuesday was an early start because I want to get to the post office to pick up the packages that arrived at the weekend. I was back from there at 9am though so I was able to do some prep work for my first lab call - always awkward when you feel you don't know where you're going and everyone else does. My flatmate did clean and tidy both the living room and the kitchen though so no complaints. 

As usual Wednesday is my favourite day - I had uni from 9-1pm then Scott came round as he had taken the week off work. We chilled for a while then went to see the new James Bond film - which I am recommend 100%. After it finished we went to Bella Italia for dinner so the perfect date night really.

After rushing round like a headless chicken on Thursday I was finally finished everything I needed to do by 3pm so I headed home to chill. I made two pots of food for the freezer - Leek & Potato soup and Chorizo & Bean stew if you were wondering - and caught up on Once Upon a Time. Friday was much the same to be honest although I had a little more time to catch up on housework that had been neglected due to course work. In the evening my flatmate and I made jelly shots, built her new ikea desk and watched 'Batman Begins'. I'm trying to get her more into Gotham by teaching her about Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Finally Saturday was halloween! We headed to the shops in the morning for a pizza and drink run then practised make up and watched the rugby in the afternoon. In the evening we headed out to a party held by one of our friends new flats. From what I could remember it was a great night and it was good at catch up with people I don't see so much after moving out of halls. 

I woke up feeling like I was going to die on Sunday morning though... Not a good feeling at all. So I went back to sleep and woke up feeling fine at 12pm where I had time to make bacon rolls and catch up on strictly before Scott arrived. We had a little wander round some pointless shops before coming back to order a Papa Johns for tea and watch the apprentice. Then early to bed to finish off the perfect Sunday.

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