My week in pictures #140

Sunday, October 11

(From top left) I dedicated a whole hour of my life to drawing this Echinoid this week - it didn't turn out to bad either. We had some awful this too but at least it meant I could wear my Fat Face raincoat. I have finished season three of Heroes which was good but now I've moved on to Once Upon a Time. Scott and I saw Kevin Bridges on Wednesday which was hilarious. Scotland beat Samoa this week to qualify for the quarter finals of the world cup. Today I made coconut buns and hoisin chicken from Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals book.
It has been a lovely chilled out Sunday and I'm writing this post in front of the fire at home with a cider in my hand. It has been a good week too - towards the start I got plenty univeristy work done by actually getting up early and working in my mornings off. I've also had plenty time to binge watch Heroes and Once Upon a Time. Not to mention a cheeky few hours of sims but it is allowed if I've got some work done.

Wednesday was pretty exciting because Scott and I had tickets to see Kevin Bridges at the AECC. Scott brought home a chippy from work which was a treat in itself before we jumped in the car to go see the show. Kevin Bridges is playing nine sold out nights in Aberdeen and he was absolutely hilarious. 

After a morning of housework and an afternoon of lectures on Friday I headed home for the weekend. I was greeted at the trainstation by my aunt and uncle who were coming for tea. On Saturday morning I had another productive driving lesson then we watched the rugby in the afternoon. It was tense and I honestly wasn't sure Scotland could pull it out of the bag. So happy they did though because they go on to face Australia next Sunday in the quarter final. Mum has got me hooked on strictly again so we watched that on Saturday night.

Sunday, like I said, has been pretty chilled. We went into town about midday to get some essentials for cooking. I made coconut buns and hoisin chicken for lunch which was pretty yummy if I do say so myself. I then spent a couple of hours working on a project that has to be submitted by 12pm tomorrow before watching the strictly results show. I head back to Aberdeen tomorrow morning so before then I'm going to relax and let mum cook my tea. 

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