My week in pictures #141

Tuesday, October 20

(From top left) I found a mouse in the bathroom!? Brand new Harry Potter jammies from Primark as a Monday treat. I made the Pumpkin Spice cupcakes from Zoe's new video and they were delicious. I order a Papa Johns after a long shity day on Wednesday. On Friday Eilidh and I watched Toy Story 3 - I cried my way through the end. What an emotional roller coaster the Scotland game against Australia was... I'm not sure I'm over it yet! 
This post is so late I'm beginning to debate if it is worth it or not... but here goes anyway. This week has been non-existent on the blogging front. I have posts planned in my head then samples didn't arrive in the post in time for me to take pictures. All that on top of a mountain of university work hasn't really helped.

On Sunday evening as I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and changing into my jammies I noticed a little mouse sitting on the clothes airer. I think it was just about as shocked as I was... we both just kinda froze. 

I just had to treat myself to these lovely cosy jammies from Primark on my way back to the flat on Monday. I didn't want them to be sold out before I got round to it. They've made me very happy this week too.

Tuesday rolled round and my lovely boyfriend surprised me in the morning by offering to come round and keep me company that night because I was gonna be home alone. We spent a very happy night eating indian food and watching telly.

I had Wednesday afternoon to myself so I decided to do some seasonal baking. I followed the recipe from one of Zoe Sugg's new videos and they turned out amazingly... although I have a lot of them! Even though I baked in the afternoon I still felt down and stressed so I ordered myself a pizza from Papa John's - it didn't really help but at least I didn't have to cook.

We had a movie night on Friday - we watched Toy Story 3 and then Insecurity on netflix. I was prepared for Toy Story to be sad... but I don't think I prepared myself enough. Insecurity was good though so it kinda cheered me up. 

The weekend comes around so fast but this one was going to be extra fun. We went to a fancy restaurant for Scott's grans birthday. It was the first time I'd been out with his whole family and it was really nice. Dinner at Amarone in Aberdeen was really really delicious then we went out for a few drinks to celebrate some more.

Sunday was really lazy with Scott and I only leaving bed at about 12pm... We had sausages, showered and walked down to TK Maxx where I saw a gorgeous coat (more on that next week). We got home just in time for the rugby and all the heartbreak that ensued - I'm keeping that for a post later this week though. Finally we ordered another pizza (oops!), caught up on the apprentice before having an early night. 

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