My week in pictures #142

Sunday, October 25

(from top left) This week I finished watching season one of 'Once Upon a Time' - I've started season two already. Homemade chips are my favourite at the moment. Started decorating the flat for halloween - I think this effect is pretty cool. My amazing boyfriend bought us tickets to see Noel Gallagher's High Flying birds in April. I bought this outfit in the charity shop for just £7 on Saturday. I made a yummy red onion and goats cheese tart this afternoon.
This is the third week in pictures post on my blog with nothing else in between. I'm very sorry about that and now I've got my life in order after being home for the weekend I have two posts planned for this week and some more ideas in the pipeline.

Towards the start of this week I realised I had a geology report due in for 5pm on Friday. Cue most of my free time spent working on the report and trying to understand what the hell was going on... Luckily I did get it in on time - I'm just not sure how good it is.

I also had time to watch quite a lot of Netflix which meant finishing 'Once Upon a Time' and starting 'Gotham'. I'm loving it so far but I am a big batman fan. 

On Wednesday Scott came round and we made haggis lasagne for tea - it was only partly a success. I have some ideas on how to improve it next time though. We watch 'Running Wild with Bear Grylls' which is a TV show I'm going to get really into. Then had a very early night and I woke up feeling so full of energy and motivation.

After the stress of finishing my report on time I got a lift home with Scott on Friday evening. A relaxing evening at home and a delicious dinner it was early to bed for an early driving lesson on Saturday. My driving lesson went well then I went into town with mum. I got this gorgeous outfit in the charity shop - it is all from Fat Face and I only paid £7. I got a few halloween decorations too so I'm excited to decorate the flat.

Sunday has been a perfectly lazy day - I've done some laundry, taken up a pair of jeans and cooked a tart. Also took the dogs for a walk as it was getting dark. An hour extra in bed quilt free is amazing for giving you energy. 

I'm excited for halloween next weekend and partying with my friends - it is going to be a good week. 

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