Celebrating Christmas 2015

Monday, December 28

I think coming home for Christmas is even better when you're at university. At the end of term you're fed up of revision, exams and the constant goings on so some much needed R&R at home is necessary. Home is the best place to spend Christmas in my mind because of all the wonderful decorations, coal fires and of course that's where your family are.  

Christmas isn't always perfect, however, no matter how much pressure I might put on it. This year has been one of the best in a long long time though. Mostly because my family didn't fight about anything, everyone loved their presents and it was the first Christmas for my baby cousin. 

Mum and Dad's food was spot on - we had a roasted red pepper soup, smokie and leek tart, turkey with all the trimmings and then to finish off I made a caramelized clementine cake. 

The last photo in this post is probably one of my favourites things about the festive season at home. As you leave my bedroom upstairs you can see the Christmas tree reflected in the mirror giving the hall a lovely warm glow. It will always remind me of the excitement of waiting for Santa. 

I wanted to keep this post fairly short and just share some of the snaps I took of the house this year. I also have lots of family pictures I can't wait to scrapbook with in the new year.

Have you filled out my end of year survey yet? There is still plenty time but your help would be invaluable. You can find it here and should only take a few minutes. 

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