My week in pictures #151

Sunday, December 27

(From top left) My gorgeous Christmas jumper with sparkly robins. Scott and Is second annual selfie with the Christmas tree. Somehow I managed to make Christmas cards for all my family fairly last minute. Baby Sophie and I on Christmas Day. One of the best things I got this Christmas was these photos from our family holiday last Easter from my cousins. Last night we watched 'What We Did on Our Holiday' which made me both laugh and cry! 
The days before and after Christmas always pass in a bit of a blur and even though it is less than a week ago it is difficult to remember what I did. On Monday we headed out to do some Christmas shopping in St. Andrews which wasn't very successful so we headed back to the Dundee Contemporary Arts for lunch. I wore my Christmas jumper all day though so it was still festive. Tuesday was pretty quiet at home - all I really did was make some Christmas cards, organise my room and my brother came back from university. 

On Wednesday I had my hair cut for the first time in 6 months. Although it felt shorter at first it also feels much softer and is alot less tuggy. I had the house to myself in the afternoon so hoovered and mopped our two big sitting rooms and also found the time to make Scott's mum a present and also start the gift tags for my gifts. Scott then picked me up and we went to his - we took a selfie with the Christmas tree, made fajitas and best of all we watched the apprentice final without finding out who won! Even though Scott didn't have work the next day I still crashed pretty early. I feel like I've been fighting the cold recently which is making me very very tired all the time. 

Christmas eve is always spent in a similar way at home - we add finishing touches to the decorations, clean the whole house then sit down to our dim sums for dinner. Sadly all this took so long we didn't have time for Polar Express. 

Then Christmas day itself was perfect even though I woke up really feeling my cold. I put a lot of pressure on the one day to be flawless and a lot of the time it cannot match up to what is in my head but this year it did. I was truly spoilt, got lots of cuddles with my baby cousin, we didn't fall out at all and Christmas dinner was gorgeous. I have another post with some photos planned for tomorrow though. Boxing day was lazy - made even more so by the rain which kept us inside all day. I stayed in my jammies most of the day then had a Lush bath before our second Christmas dinner. We watched a film then later mum and I caught up with the Strictly Christmas special.

Today hasn't been quite as lazy - I got up and did a little tidying in the other living room. I actually put up our little tree too (after Christmas is appalling I know) because the big tree is in the other room and it made me sad to be in such an unchristmasy room. After taking the dogs for a walk in the sunshine I spent the afternoon putting together this weeks blog posts. 

I hope everyone reading this had a very Merry Christmas - so thankful for every one of you who has stuck around this year!

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