My week in pictures #148

Monday, December 7

(From top left) The Christmas decorations in the flat are subtle this year because we are going home a week before Christmas. I found an advent calendar last minute on Tuesday evening. Leaving the library in the wind and dark isn't very much fun... Scott is home from Baku and brought me this bear in a lovely fluffy gilet.
When I write this post next week all my exams will be over!! That is both an exciting and a terrifying thought. This week had been one of studying and feeling guilty for not studying. I made up for it though when I spent 9 and a half hours working in the library on Friday.

On Tuesday I had a majorly lazy day - in the morning I went on a quest to find an advent calendar and bought a few little Christmas decorations. Then in the afternoon I did jobs round the house, a little bit of studying then found an excuse to go out again to definitely find an advent calendar which I did. Scott was away in Baku all week working so we didn't even get our normal Wednesday night in together so instead I caught up with I'm a celeb with my flatmate. Hopefully we will have time to watch the final tonight before I find out who won...

After a long tough week and three and a half hours in the library on Saturday morning I decided it was time for a treat. So we went to grub for lunch where I had a yummy peanut butter, sweet chilli chicken and cheese panini. We then went to TK Maxx and B&Ms for a little shopping. 

Sunday finally came round which was the day I had been excited for all week! Scott was back and we were going out for dinner. We did a little shopping first and a walk round the christmas market then went to Cosmo which is an all you can eat buffet in Aberdeen. We stuffed ourselves and ended up going to bed before 8pm and we were probably asleep before 9pm. The best way to start a really tough week of exams. 

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