Wednesday Wishes and Wants (The Christmas Edit)

Wednesday, December 2

Lounge Top | Hand Mixer Document Holder | Portable Hard Drive | Key Orgy Keyring
I've never done a 'Christmas Wishlist' post before because I've not actually made a Christmas list in a very very long time. However this year I'm pretty skint at uni so have come up with a couple of small things I would like from my parents. I love my mum but she isn't great at Christmas presents... as soon as santa wasn't a thing anymore I don't normally get a present wrapped under the Christmas tree on Christmas day. My parents are generous people though and by me things all through the year so I don't have anything to complain about.

This year however I've asked for some sort of appliance to help with my baking - not necessarily this hand mixer but something similar. I have a wide range of things at home but the trouble is my parents aren't willing to let them go so now I'm living away from home I want to collect some things of my own. I've also asked for another hard drive because I'm really starting to worry about the one I currently own. All my photos (both blogging and personal) are stored there and it would be devastating with something was to go wrong. It is also a little to small for my current needs and digital storage has advanced so much over the years that I could get so much more for my money. I spotted this cosy jumper in my local tesco and I'm really hoping santa will be able to pop in on his way past and get it for me. I just adore jumpers that are made to go with your jammies... enough said really.

The final two are cute little things I've had my eye on myself and to be honest will probably be bought with Christmas money. The Key Orgy keyring might not appeal to everyone but it would make me chuckle every day. Since our holiday to Tenerife and booking Orlando for next June I've got a bit of a travel bug. This wallet would be great for my bit and bobs and a helpful reminder that 'foreign money is not pretend money' can never go amiss.

There are a couple of other things I would love to be able to pick up. This Awesome Drawersome set from Zoella beauty. I have been meaning to try out her products and the fact you get to keep with drawers really appeals to me. 

Also what do you think of my new Christmas banner?

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