My Year In Pictures 2015

Thursday, December 31

From Top Left

  • In January we had a lovely meal out at Jamie's Italian in Aberdeen.
  • Scott and I off out for a day shopping (always forcing him to take a selfie).
  • I updated my blogs layout in January too - feels like I just did it.
  • This year I spend my first valentine's day with Scott.
  • I went to see 'Three Men in a Boat' with my parents at the Dundee REP.
  • We went to Glasgow in March for a night out for a friends birthday.
  • Photos of a once in a lifetime event - the eclips. 
  • I designed my first website from scratch for a university project.
  • We took a trip on the steam train as part of our family holiday in Aviemore.
  • I upgraded my phone to the beautiful Moto G in April - still in love with it.
  • Another delicious meal out - this salad was to die for.
  • I voted in my first general election - not happy with the result but I took part so I have the right to complain.

From Top Left

  • To finish off my first year at university I went to see Wicked in Aberdeen - wow!
  • Baby Sophie was born at the end of May - the newest addition to the family. 
  • Scott and I jetted off on our first holiday together and my first foreign holiday in years. Tenerife will always have a special place in my heart.
  • We moved into our first proper student flat - with alot of hassle too.
  • My third year at T in the Park - watching Lawson.
  • Do you like my bright yellow rain coat?
  • This year I got to work with George at Asda which was pretty cool.
  • I also started driving lessons this summer which is very exciting.
  • Mum and I spent a couple of day in Aberdeen repainting my new bedroom is July. 
  • I went to see Aberdeen's first footie game of the season - I haven't been to a match since though.
  • I passed my driving theory test.
  • I also went to the Cortachy Highland Games with my Mum, Dad and Grandma.

From Top Left

  • Scott and I booked our second holiday - we are going to Orlando next June and I can't quite believe it!
  • Loch Brandy at the end of the summer - Scott and I took the walk up and it was great.
  • Packed up and ready to go back to Aberdeen for second year at university.
  • We had lunch at Mother India Cafe was delicious - I can't wait to go back.
  • Scott and I went to see Kevin Bridges and it was hilarious. 
  • Scotland did the whole of the country proud in the rugby world cup this year. 
  • We have tickets to see Noel Gallagher in Aberdeen in April.
  • Halloween this year was a lot of fun - I went as Robin Hood.
  • The fireworks in the rain on Guy Fawkes night in Aberdeen.
  • Scott and I putting up the Christmas tree for the second year.

It is so lovely to look back at 2015 and see that I managed my little goals. Even though 2015 wasn't as life changing as 2014, however, it will was still a good one. Not a lot has changed this year - Scott and I are just as happy, university is still enjoyable and our first holiday was the best experience. Baring all that in mind I have a couple of little goals for 2016:

  • Probably my biggest goal is passing my driving test. I don't want to be learning forever and after a successful driving lesson this morning I think it is more than achievable.
  • Early in the year I want to have a huge clear out - there is so much stuff in my bedroom it never feels tidy.
  • I would like to find a way of keeping fit that I enjoy and stick to it.
  • I would like to start a 'A Five-Year Memory Book' and write in it everyday.

As for my blog I am really happy with the way it is growing. My following hasn't increased the way I would like however that is maybe just the changing face of blogging. I've also not managed to meet other bloggers and attend events. I have been invited but have always found a reason I can't go. So for in blog is 2016 I would like to:
  • Meet other bloggers and push myself to attend events in Aberdeen.
  • Keep promoting my blog in different ways and hopefully see the results in terms of page views and engagement. 

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