My week in pictures #152

Monday, January 4

(From top left) Going out shopping with Scott on Tuesday. He bought me this super cute polar bear candle holder. We watched Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - it is a pretty crazy film. Making faces with friend on Hogmanay. A delicious chocolate and orange tart at Pizza Express. Tonight I built a little dinning table from Ikea for our upstairs sitting room.

Happy New Year - I hope 2016 is good to each and everyone of you reading this post. I can't believe that so much has happened this week. It has been a busy one!

My week started on Monday afternoon when we went to collect my Grandma from the train station. She was coming to stay for a few days. We didn't really do much on the Monday then on Tuesday Scott and I were planning to go shopping. We were looking for something for my Christmas but didn't find it in Dundee. At home we made Pizza for tea and watched TV. We also managed to order something for my Christmas online so I'm so excited for that to arrive. 

On Wednesday Scott gave me a lift home fairly early because we were having a family lunch. He met my Gran too before he left which was nice. We had a festive family meal with my Dad's side of the family and once they left we put on a film to chill. The last day of the year rolled round so quick - and I started it off with a productive driving lesson then I had lunch with my folks before going to Scotts. We made lasagna for dinner then went to a party at a friends before heading to the pubs. This year not only do I remember the bells but also walking home, listening to Oasis and eating chips on the sofa. A really fun night!

To start the new year properly Scott came to the house for Lunch with my parents. He stayed pretty late just hanging and chatting which was nice too. After he had gone though I was desperate to put on the new Sherlock episode which was brilliant. Saturday was spend in a similarly lazy way with a little bit of tidying, a movie and then I got my parents hooked on the BBCs adaptation of Agatha Christie's 'And Then There Were None' which was also seriously brilliant. If you've not seen it already go and watch it! 

Finishing off the week - although it doesn't really feel like a Sunday - we went to Ikea. My folks needed some bits for the house but I didn't really see anything. We met my brother in the center of Edinburgh for a late lunch at Pizza Express. As soon as we got home I started on building the new dining table for upstairs, mum made some dinner and dad built up the chairs. Then we watch the last two episodes of 'And Then There Were None' which had lead to this post being so late...

I am going to try and sell some of the clothes I won't wear in 2016 on depop. I've never sold anything on it before but it is worth a shot. You can see my page here and if you have any tips leave me a comment!

I'm going to leave my end of year survey until Monday or Tuesday so if you've not filled it in yet then there is still time. You can find it here and the questions should only take you a few minutes. 

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