A Love Affair with Mustard Blouses

Wednesday, January 27

Blouse: New Look | Jeans: Glamourous Outfitters* | Shoes: New Look | Hat: Primark
This is my second look featuring an item I bought in the New Look sale a few weeks ago. I knew this blouse had to be mine because of the colour - you can't really say no to a gorgeous deep mustard colour. It is also a colour which goes really well with my hair too which is a bonus. 

I decided to keep it simple and wear it with jeans and a fedora. I've had these jeans for a while now and keep reaching for them. The shape looks good on days I can't be bothered wriggling into a pair of skinnies and they are comfy too for jeans. This is probably the last blouse I'm going to buy in a while because I've added a few to my wardrobe recently and already have different ideas on how to style it.

I wore this outfit (minus the hat) a couple of weekends ago when Scott and I went to Bella Italia. It is the perfect casual date night outfit.

Something I've been doing a lot during this week is looking back on my summer holiday in Tenerife. I draft wrote a post about Siam Park for someone else's blog but it turns out it won't be used in full so I was thinking about posting it here. Would that be something you'd be interested in? Let me know in the comments.  

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