My week in pictures #156

Monday, January 25

(From top left) I went to the library for the first time in ages and borrowed some books. Homemade chicken pie with leftover roast chicken was amazing. Finally got round to watching the Riot Club - it was good just not as good as I expected. A treat from New Look because they are doing a 20% student discount at the moment. Friday night drinks with Scott. You can't not have a chocolate glory when you go to Pizza Express.
This week has been a slow one - there wasn't a lot happening in the first week of term as a few of my classes weren't running and I didn't have work to do outside them. I started off my week with a trip to the public library because I aim to read more books this year than the embarrassing six I managed last year. I finished 'Panic' already which I would recommend and made a good start on 'Royal Wedding' too. Monday was the day I also discovered I was in uni for 5/6 straight hours including a three hour lecture in the late afternoon - pretty much hell then!

Tuesday was equally quiet. I had one lecture so I walked to Lidl in the afternoon and back through the park and by the river which was nice. I had bought baking ingredients so on Wednesday I decided to bake Olivia's Honeycomb Brownies which only failed due to my oven. The top got a little burnt while the middle was still liquid... They also got stuck to the tin so they didn't quite make it to the blog. My boyfriend assured me they were still delicious though. When I was tidying up Scott arrived and we made cottage pie for tea and watched Masterchef USA. 

Most of Thursday was spent cutting letters from sparkly card for this blog post. It took me a fair while so I got in a couple episodes of 'Charmed'. In the evening I made a monster of a chicken pie and we watched 'The Riot Club'. I'd had enough of hanging around the house by Friday so after my afternoon lecture I walked into town. I did a little shopping before meeting Scott when he finished work for a drink. A little more shopping and last minute decision to go to Pizza Express with my flatmate - delicious!

The only good thing that happened on Saturday was a phone call with Mum - we just had a good long chat about the cars she had test drove that week. Exciting thinking about getting a car I'll be able to be insured on too. Thankfully Scott decided he would come up on Sunday to alleviate my boredom. We didn't actually do a lot in the end - a trip to B&Q which resulted in a practical (but boring) storage box. Then to tesco where we got food for tea and I spent more than I should of really. We made delicious enchiladas for dinner, watched more masterchef then 'Lucky Man' which is a new series on Sky. It was really good so we will definitely keep watching that. Then we went off to bed to look at park tickets for America which got me so excited sleeping wasn't easy...

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