A New Look Sale Mini Haul

Saturday, January 16

The New Look sale is one of my favourites - I also pop in after Christmas to see what bargains they have to offer. This year I went into my local one (which is just a smallish town one) and also Perth when I was visiting my aunty this week. I got some gorgeous things that I can't wait to wear and take outfit pictures of course.

Dress: New Look | £3
This dress was probably left over from summer because it is a lovely lightweight fabric with cutout detail around the waist. I just liked how simple it was, nice pattern, plain colour and easy to wear shape. At the moment I'm going to wear it layered up but when it gets warmers I'll be able to go around with my arms bear again.

Blouse: New Look | £9
I've been after something mustard to add to my wardrobe for a while now. You can see it is a very similar style to the blouse I wore in my last outfit post so I'm obviously going through a faze. Again there will be several ways to wear this but I will probably just chuck it on with jeans and a nice pair of boots.

Skirt: New Look | £5
This is a slightly different purchase from me - my current black skater skirt has seen better days but I mainly picked this one up for its gorgeous Suedette texture. It is quite short but nothing a pair of black tights wouldn't fix. Hopefully I will find a way to style it - it would go lovely with the mustard blouse above.

Blouse: New Look | £3
Again I think this one was left over from summer but it was the colour that caught my eye first. I love the dusty pink/coral colour during summer. This easy Gypsy, off the shoulder style will also be perfect for the warmer weather. 

Shoes: New Look | £6
Black pumps are something I've been meaning to add to my collection for ages. Can you believe this is my first pair? There is nothing fancy about them - just a great shape at a great price and if they don't last forever it isn't the end of the world.

So all this lovely lot for only £26! I've linked everything I can still find online but I definitely recommend going into the shop and seeing if you can pick up a bargain. I've decided my next purchase will be this gorgeous Red Structured Bag - hopefully they do a boosted student discount soon.

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