My week in pictures #155

Monday, January 18

(From top left) I did my nails with a new Leighton Denny colour my aunty gave me. Mum finally persuaded me to watch the 'Jersey Boys' and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Pizza Express for lunch on Thursday with my parents and flatmate - I had a classic sloppy giuseppe. I finished my first book of the year - it might be macabre but I do love a good Aberdeen crime drama. My new calendar arrived and I'm so pleased with the result. A 'Big Tony' to share with Scott at Bella Italia on Sunday evening.
My week started off with a trip to Perth to visit my aunty. We hit the shops straight away and I bought some treats in the New Look sale (which you can see here). I stayed with her on the Monday night - taking the chance to relax beside the fire while watching TV. On the Tuesday we headed back into town to have a look round TK Maxx where I got the most gorgeous slippers, then to get my eyebrows threaded before getting the train home again. That evening mum and I watched the Jersey Boys which I really enjoyed much to my surprize. 

I stayed in the shower too long on Wednesday and almost missed my ride into town. I went to New Look to exchange something that didn't fit and spent another 45 minutes browsing... I managed to take outfit pictures in the afternoon before heading to Scotts. We were rather naughty and instead of cooking we just had a chippy. 

The plan on Thursday was to take my stuff back to Aberdeen. We weren't going to have power all day so no one wanted to hang around the house. I spend the morning packing then we headed up in the afternoon. After unloading the car we went into town for lunch with my flatmate. A little shopping then I went home again with my folks. I had a driving lesson on Friday morning that I didn't want to miss.

The driving lesson went really well and next time after recapping some maneuvers he said we can do a mock test!? I'm excited to see how I do with that... After taking some more outfit pictures in the afternoon and grabbing a few last minute things I got on the train back to Aberdeen. A quick stop off at M&S to get a meal deal for tea and I was ready to relax. My flatmate and I watched Focus which I'd been meaning to watch for a while and really enjoyed it. 

Saturday was pretty uneventful - we went to Tesco in the morning then unpacked in the afternoon. I wanted to go the the library but sadly it doesn't open Saturday afternoon. We spent the rest of the day watching 'Prison Break' and I think I'm hooked.

Scott came through on Sunday - he took me to paperchase then we went to his Gran's house. I wasn't prepared for the very strong Aberdeen accent his little cousin would have... there was a real language barrier. We went to Bella Italia for dinner - it was as good as last time and I would definitely recommend the calzone. We tried to get an early night because on Monday it was back to lectures.

My blog turns three this Thursday and I'm really struggling to think of a suitable post to celebrate it! I'd love it if you had any suggestions.

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