G is for Gingers is Turning Three

Thursday, January 21

So today officially makes it three years since my first blog post on G is for Gingers. In that time my life has changed immeasurably and blogging had turned from something I did to fill my spare time to a passion and a hobby that I love.

All through January I've been trying to come up with a fitting way to celebrate this milestone but I just haven't had a good idea. Yesterday I did bake a cake which I planned to put candles in and take photos. That didn't work out though because my oven decided to burn the top while the middle was still raw... The cake still takes pretty good but it isn't 'blogworthy' anymore. This afternoon these sparkly letters took me ages to cut out but really I just wanted to thank you all. 

After 405 blog post your support just keeps growing. From barely one view on my first outfit post (and even then that was probably by me) to the followers who regularly comment now. I have blogger friends I speak to on twitter almost everyday - no one could have seen this coming in January 2013. I'm pretty certain this time next year I will still be posting on my little space on the internet because I love to blog and keep an online diary of my life.    

Before this post turns to soppy I just want to take everyone of you who is taking the time to read this post - whether you're new here or having been reading since the beginning. 


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