What I Got For Christmas 2015

Tuesday, January 5

I was truly spoilt at Christmas this year! Collecting all these things together shows how true that is. I got some lovely surprises and also the bits of bobs I asked for too. It all helped to make Christmas 2015 magical. If you read my wishlist post you might recognise some of these pieces too. 

It has been years since I asked my parents for anything specific because I could just never think of anything. However this year there were a few things - a new hard drive before I lost all of my precious photos, a hand mixer to help my baking in Aberdeen and finally I spotted this gorgeous jumper in the sleepwear section of Tesco. Mum also surprised me with matching bottoms and a dress from Tu at Sainsburys covered with skiers.

I was equally spoilt by my boyfriend. This jumper arrived only minutes before I took the picture for this post. He wanted to make sure I got just what I wanted so we ordered it together between Christmas and New Year. It is really cosy, soft and although it's a jumper it will be jacket like in warmer weather too. He surprised me with a Lush gift box before Christmas eve which has my all time favourite 'intergalactic' in it and also a new one 'Snow Angle'. The polar bear was also a late presents when we were in the Yankee Candle shop together. I am going through a bit of a phase and love him - he won't be going away with the Christmas decorations. 

My brothers gift probably had the most thought put into it out of them all. It has been several year since we bought each other presents and it was quite a shock. This lantern is made out of wax with a detailed wooden 'window' in the front. He walked down to the Geluja shop in Stockbridge, Edinburgh especially. It looks so beautiful with a tealight inside that I even Instagramed it. 

From my Aunty and Uncle I got a TK Maxx voucher - which is fab because I am always in there. My nearest one is only a five minute walk from the university. I'm thinking about investing in a leather jacket so I'll hold onto it for a while. I save my favourite chocolates for last so these are still surprisingly in the box. 

More candles! This one is from my boyfriend's parents (although I think I can just thank his mum). Not only does it smell divine I've been intrigued by woodwick for a while. I'm saving it for back in Aberdeen though. They also bought us a voucher to eat at Malmaison which I'm excited to use. Sometimes a posh meal out is a real treat. 

What do you buy a girl who loves baking and the great british bake off? The cookbook of course! I can thank my cousins for this one - I can't wait to start using it.

From my other cousins I got this cute bobble hat. I'm actually not a great hat wearer but this one is comfy and cosy so I think I'll put it on more. It is more of a practical hat than a fashion one like other I own. Also a lot of my outdoor wear is purple so it matches well too.

Now to find room for all these lovely new things...

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