A Bright Blue Floral Print

Wednesday, February 17

Jumper: Fat Face | Short: F&F at Tesco | Boots: Office
I arrived home a few weeks ago to find this pretty little skirt lying on my bed. Mum picked it up for me because she spotted it in the F&F sale in tesco for £1! At that price how could you say no? It is just my style too so I couldn't wait to style it. I decided to go with another bargain purchase of mine - this Fat Face jumper cost me £2.50 in a charity shop and I wear it all the time. As the skirt is a bright blue colour I wanted to stay away from colour in the rest of the outfit. 

Scotland is freezing at the moment and even indoors I can't seem to keep the heat up. Looking back at these pictures this skirt would be better suited to bear legs and a nice floaty cami so I think it will stay in my wardrobe for a while longer. Who knows it might even made it in my suitcase to Orlando in June.

I'm really annoyed that these are the only outfit pictures I managed to take while I was home at the weekend. After these were taken I got the offer to go out for a practise in the car with Dad then as soon as we got back my cousins arrived. I'm just annoyed at myself for not making better use of my time. Hopefully I'll get inspiration for a new blog post towards the end of the week to make up for it.

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