My week in pictures #159

Monday, February 15

(From top left) Delicious toad in the hole for tea on Monday. Tuesday was pancakes so of course I couldn't resist making a batch. Scott bought tickets to see the football in Orlando when we are there in June. I finished the girl on the train and loved it. I baked cupcakes on Wednesday - you can find the recipe here. I finally got round to watching 'Guardians of the Galaxy' on Thursday night - I really enjoyed that too. 

This has been another busy week! Not helped by the fact I got a cold early on and was pretty exhausted. Mondays are always busy at the moment, Tuesday was pancake day so I treated my flatmate and I to some yummy homemade ones in the evening. Then I was in bed and asleep super early for me because I just wasn't able to concentrate on anything. On Wednesday my plan was to bake in the morning for a blog post then walk into town to meet Scott. That night we made a simple curry for tea and watched silent witness in bed. 

On Thursday evening I had the place to myself which meant I could choose any movie I wanted. I've been meaning to watch Guardians of the Galaxy for ages so I'm glad I enjoyed it. Thursday was another pretty early to bed night too. On Friday I was up sharp because there were things I needed to get done before going home. I gave the floors a good clean all through the flat then tackled my dishes too. Scott came to pick me up on his way home, we stopped at Asda for food then lazed on the sofa for the rest of the evening. 

I did actually have to go home though because my driving lesson was at 8am the next morning. I think it went pretty well - I did my first mock test which was constructive and my driving instructor told me to book my test. It isn't for a few months yet but still I'm quite nervous as well as excited. Dad also took me out in our new car for the first time. I felt very control and knew what I was doing but I think he was pretty scared! Oops! I then got to see my little cousin for a while because they popped round to the house.

Later on Saturday I went to Scotts because I wanted to spend Valentine's weekend just the two of us. In the evening we went to the pub to watch the rugby with his parents. It involved way more alcohol than I was planning but we had a good night. Sunday was perfectly lazy - we stayed on the sofa with the duvet until the afternoon. Went for a short walk in the cold before coming back and making homemade pizza for tea. You really don't get much better than that! 

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