My week in pictures #160

Monday, February 22

(From top left) I made a very yummy sweet chilli salmon for tea on Tuesday - definitely having that again! On Thursday we spent a couple of hours in our lab drawing trace fossils. Treated myself to a new check shirt in the Primark sale because it was only £5 - not bought one in a long time. On Sunday Scott and I finally bought our park tickets for going to Orlando in June.  
Another week has just flown by and it has been pretty busy. For some reason all deadlines fall on the same week so as soon as I'm finished one thing I've got something else to get on with. I'm not the most calm person either and definitely let the stress get to me. 

After meeting Scott at Morrisons on Wednesday evening to do some grocery shopping we came home and made lasagne for tea. We've also been catching up on lots of the Silent Witness episodes which is honestly one of my favourite TV programs. 

Thursday was pretty uneventful apart from finishing off and handing in some work. Friday morning was spent at my desk doing yet more assignments when I got a message from Mum letting me know her and dad were coming to Aberdeen for the day. So when my lectures finished at 4 I got the bus into town to meet them. We only wandered round the shops for a few hours before they went home but it was still great to see them. It seems unpopular among students but I love going home at the weekends so saying goodbye to them made me feel pretty down. Scott is always coming to the rescue though and offered to come round on Saturday and treat me to a KFC for tea. 

My weekend started off pretty early with a trip to the library to get work finished before Scott arrived. I spent a good 4 hours getting it done then I was able to head home relieved for lunch. In the afternoon I tidied for Scott coming and made minestrone soup. We went out for a wee bit when he got here and did some shopping then just like he promised we got a carry out from KFC. Not going to lie we went to bed pretty stuffed. 

Sunday was the perfect lazy day - it was actually the third weekend in a row I've woken up with Scott. So basically my favourite way to start any day. We got up late, cooked breakfast and I tidied the kitchen (I like it to be spotless) then we started looking at park tickets. In total we must have spent hours on this task but on Sunday we finally ordered them. Only 109 days to go! After we were dressed we went out shopping again - this time looking for Artwork for Scott's bedroom. On the way home we got ingredients for Seafood lasagna. I will admit I was sceptical but we followed this recipe and it was seriously tasty. The rest of the day was spent in bed, eating banoffee pie and watching Silent Witness.  

I really hope you all had a great weekend too! It is lovely to read all your comments on my past couple of posts. 

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