My week in pictures #158

Monday, February 8

(From top left) A very badly lit nightclub selfie from Friday night. Scotland played England on Saturday in their first game of the 6 nation. Scott and I took a little road trip round the coast on Saturday and stopped at Portsoy for some fresh air. A delicious paella for Sunday night tea. 

Remembering what happened at the start of the week is always more difficult than it should be. After getting back to Aberdeen on Monday just in time for my 1pm lecture, taking blog photos, going to more lectures then finally visiting the library to swap my current books for more reading material I was finished for the day. Scott came round on Tuesday instead this week and we had a cheeky pizza from Papa John's for tea. 

I had the flat all to myself on Wednesday so I ended up staying in my jammies all day... oops! I attempted a book review for my blog too. I'm not sure how successful it was though - if you've not already give it a read and let me know what you think. In the evening my flatmate and I watched 'Coach Carter' which is a film we both love. I was also about to take part in #abzchat for the first time. It is a chat especially for Aberdeen Bloggers so it was nice to be able to connect with some locals. 

On Friday we had decided to go into town - I wasn't very keen especially when I booked a taxi for 10:30pm... However I had such a good night. I discovered what you really need on a night out is less drama with girlfriends and more gay guys to dance with. Getting the right amount of drunk is a good thing for me too. We got home at 4am drunk, I made a cup of tea and went to bed to read my book. Is that normal?

I managed to get up at a fairly decent time on Saturday and to make myself feel better I tidied the living room, my bedroom and the kitchen then did my dishes. All in plenty time before Scott got here. He came round to watch the rugby with me so we decided to go to the pub (you'd think I'd never learn). Sadly Scotland lost the Calcutta Cup against England but we still had a good night. After a couple of pints we went to Byron Burger in Union Square which we really really enjoyed. After just one more drink we headed home at a sensible time. 

Sunday morning was so lazy! We stayed in bed for ages just dozing and chatting. After Sausages for breakfast and showers we decided to go for a road trip. We drove along the coast through Banff, Portsoy and Buckie. Annoying it was too cold and rainy for a proper walk but we had a good day anyway. After a stop off at Tesco on our way home we got back to make a Paella for tea which was delicious as usual. We caught up on 'Lucky Man' on TV which we are both getting really into then a couple of episodes of the inbetweeners before it was time for bed.

I had such a good weekend so this post had ended up longer than I expected it would be. If you want to see more pictures from my week check out my Instagram here

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