Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Thursday, February 11

I was originally given this recipe as a kit from my flatmates as a 20th birthday present. It also came with a cute cake tin which I use all the time. However this kit was different from others, it actually included a recipe card too so I knew the quantities for the dry ingredients. Essentially the recipe is quite simple - made in three parts you mix up a cookie dough, a cake batter then some icing. It is just time consuming with all the measuring out you have to do. 

For the cookie dough you will need:

40g of caster sugar
40g of light brown sugar
90g of plain flour
30g of milk chocolate buttons
30g of butter
2 teaspoons of milk

Cream together the butter and sugar - add the flour then the milk and mix together. Mix in the chocolate buttons making sure they are evenly spread. Roll into ten balls and put them in the freezer for about an hour.

For the cupcake batter you will need:

150g of caster sugar
100g of plain flour
25g of cocoa powder 
6g of baking powder 
50g of butter
1 egg
120ml of milk

Once again cream together the butter and sugar - add the egg and mix together. Combine the flour, cocoa, baking powder and milk. I mixed it together with electric mixer until it forms a thick batter. Put a spoonful of the mixture in the bottom of each cupcake case and place a dough ball in each. Evenly distribute the remaining mixture between the cases covering the dough balls.

Bake in the oven for 22-25 minutes at 180°C. A knife should come out clean when the cakes are cooked.

Finally for the frosting you will need:

20g of light brown sugar
130g of icing sugar
30g of butter
15ml of milk

Once your cupcakes are out of the oven and cooled they will be ready to ice. Firstly cream together the butter and brown sugar then carefully mix in the icing sugar and milk gradually. Again I used an electric mixer on a slow speed to make sure the icing sugar didn't go everywhere. I just iced these using a knife but you could use a piping bag if you're feeling fancy. 

This is a really delicious recipe and definitely gets the seal of approval from my boyfriend every time I make them. I actually halved the recipe so I only had five cakes because I'm trying REALLY hard to snack less so these will be more of a treat. In the mood for more baking recipes? Click the baking tab down the right hand side or click here.

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