My week in pictures #161

Monday, February 29

(From top left) This pretty cool Epson EcoTank printer* arrived on Thursday for reviewing. On Thursday my flatmate and I also went to see Deadpool which was hilarious. I finished the 'Night Circus' that night and it was one of the most magical books I've read in along time. Mum's delicious sweet and spicy mince pie for tea on Friday. Finally a win for Scotland in the six nations - missed the first try though because I got annoyed and left the room. Mum and I finished off the weekend by watching 'Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire'.  

Monday didn't start off very well... I misinterpreted how long it would take me to go to the library, print my assignment, scan it in again, submit it online and hand in the paper copy. It all just ended up with a very stressed Claire rushing around and putting her work in the wrong box a few minutes late. Hopefully it doesn't cost me in grade points.

My week started to look up after that though. Scott came round for Tacos on Wednesday and we watched Dragons Den on TV. On Thursday I was able to finish some uni work and return picture frames I bought in the wrong size before walking into town. I treated myself to a new blouse in Primark then my flatmate and I had plans to go to see Deadpool which was hilarious in a very 'riskay' way. I really enjoyed seeing a new take on a superhero movie.

On Friday I was going home for the weekend so it meant tying up loose ends in the morning, going to the library for new reading material and going to lectures. Then I met Scott in town so he could give me a lift home. My aunty and uncle came out for tea - it was really nice to see them but sadly I was to tired and suffering with pms to enjoy it properly. 

Saturday was a pretty lazy day with the main highlight being Scotland's six nations game in the afternoon where they beat the italians. My folks were out at night so I had the house to myself - I cooked tea when I was hungry and watched Avengers: Age of Ultron in front of the fire. 

Sunday I had to get up early because my driving lesson was at 9am. It went pretty well and I improved on my mock test score. Later that afternoon I got to drive mum into town so we could browse a couple of shops. Finally I got the chance to take outfit pictures in bulk after lunch then we took the dogs for a walk. Getting home annoying the lock on the front door had stuck and it took mum and I a good twenty minutes out in the cold and dark to open it. We were both really starting to panic when finally it came open. After all that drama we decided that all there was to do was go and get a chinese and watch Harry Potter in front of the fire. So back in the car I jumped and got my first taste of driving at night which was fun. 

Life just seems to be getting busier and busier at the moment. I hope you all had a great weekend too!

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This week I have been saving my week in pictures posts as pdfs are more of a diary style entry right from my first one and I've noticed how long they are getting. It this something you like or would you like to be tone them back a bit?

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