Wednesday 'Wishes and Wants' #2

Wednesday, February 24

1. Fox Talbot Medium Gadget Bag - £49.99 2. Chi Chi Ellie Sunglasses - £12.99 3. Next Skinny Jeans - £20 4. Primark Peach Pin Stripe Blouse - £10 5. Zara Faux Leather Biker Jacket - £39.99 6. Chi Chi Trinity Dress - £39.99

Sometimes when I think about doing a wishlist post I dismiss it almost as fast because I think 'there will never be enough things I want for a whole post' but this has been pretty easy to put together. 

These are all a mixture of things I feel like I'm missing from my wardrobe or things I just like. A faux leather jacket for instance - everyone had one, apart from me - I've always thought it would look cool with summery dresses or handy for a night out. I saw one in TK Maxx which was a nice style and fitted well and it was 100% vegan leather but I didn't buy it at the time and missed out. I also like this one from Zara - my only problem is I don't like any of them with the zip fastened...

Black Skinny jeans are something else I've not owned for a while but have found myself wanting to style. This pair from Next were recommended to me by someone in a shop just last week. I spotted this blouse on Primark's Instagram page so obviously looked for it in store. I love it's easy style and pale colours so I'm going to see if I can pick it up before I go home this weekend. Finally this satchel is gorgeous and perfect for my camera. I have had it over two years and it has never had it's own case... oops! Sadly this one is on the pricer side so it might have to be a birthday present. 

The last two things are from a website I browse a lot but have never bought from. I've had my eye on the 'Trinity' dress for ages so when an invite to a wedding comes through the door it will be straight in my basket. Just this week Nicole from 'Sleek Chic' styled its blue counterpart in the most dreamy shoot ever! The sunglasses I spotted on their Instagram this week too - I love them but I'm not sure if they would suit me?

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