Can't Resist Styling a Dress as a Pinafore

Friday, March 4

Dress: New Look | Blouse: New Look | Shoes: Marco Tozzi
This outfit came together only because I featured both the items in a haul post and realised that they would go together perfectly. I have a lot of dresses in my wardrobe that would probably only be suitable for a couple of months a year so I'm always having to come up with new ways to style them. Also if you've been reading for a while you will notice that the pinafore style is a favourite of fine. This outfit for example and this one too are a couple of my recent ones. For me it is just a really flattering easy look. 

I'm not going to stop loving the bold mustard colour of this blouse. Hopefully I will be able to keep coming up with new ways to wear it too. Meanwhile I will keep wearing this look from everything to days at uni and date nights. 

My flatmate and I are going out for a friends birthday tonight. The party has a greek theme so we have white dresses and lots of gold jewelry. I better start getting ready because I have plenty to do and not alot of time left. 

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