My week in pictures #162

Monday, March 7

(From top left) Homemade veggie burgers from a recipe I found on Jamie Oliver's Website. I supported Girl Meets Brush on kickstarter this week - can't wait to see what this Scottish company do. Painted my nails this gorgeous pale pink colour on Thursday evening. Off out to a toga party on Friday with my flatmate (I didn't know anyone else there). I was so cold on Saturday I decided a lush bath was just what I needed. Finally another Jamie Oliver recipe to finish off the week - this time it was spinach & ricotta cannelloni.
This week started off pretty chilled. I got the train back to Aberdeen on Monday morning just in time for my 1pm lecture - then after a busy day I came back to the flat, had my tea and chilled with my flatmate. On Monday I also set up my new printer which I'm going to be writing a review for later this week. I had just about the average amount of work to do for uni this week - annoyingly I spent 4 hours working on something on Tuesday evening just because it was taking much longer than anticipated. 

Scott came round on Wednesday and we made fish pie, he helped me install some new software to my laptop then we eat our tea while watching Lucky Man on TV. Thursday was another busy day - I headed into town in the morning because I had something to exchange in Primark and also needed to find something to wear for a Toga Party I was going to the next day. Thankfully I found quite a 'togaish' dress in H&M and after some persuasion I bought it. That day I didn't finish uni until 6pm and I couldn't tell you how tired I was. On Friday though I thankfully didn't have classes so I had the time to give the living room a good clean then finish work that had to be submitted later that day. After I went to hand in my work I went to buy cider for the evening.

The night itself wasn't brilliant - like I say I didn't actually know anyone there but I did still have fun. I just find it exhausting trying so hard to socialise. I met friends in the club though which was good although I still left earlier than normal. Even though I wasn't really hungover I took the opportunity on Saturday to just have a lazy day, I sat on my laptop, watched TV and had a bath. Scott came round in the evening when it was sober enough to drive again and we ordered pizza for tea. Just what I needed and we were asleep before 10pm (!?) or maybe earlier. 

Sunday was a slow start too because we took our laptops to bed - looking at hotels for a break in Edinburgh over the summer and making a collage for the 11th anniversary of getting our dog. After a late brunch we walked into town, wandered round the shops then went to Morrisons on the way home. We managed to choose something for tea before we had an argument. We spent the rest of the evening cooking at a relaxed speed and watching modern family. A pretty great way to end another good weekend. 

I've been much better at updating my instagram this week - you can find me at @ginger_claire and I'm getting close to 500 followers!

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