My week in pictures #163

Sunday, March 13

(From top left) Only a geology student would be wandering round a building practising using the compass clinometer. Pizza for tea on Thursday - yummy! This homemade cork board has been along time in the making but it is finally hanging in my bedroom. Our tickets to see stereophonics in July arrived at the weekend. Bundi looking pretty crazy as I tease him with a stick! Finally a second victory for Scotland in the 6 Nations today as they beat France for the first time in 10 years!!!

This week has just got to me between one thing and another. I could feel myself getting more stressed as it went on leading to sore heads and feeling kind of sick. I know I shouldn't let myself end up like that but sometimes you just can't help it.

Saying that I did get plenty of work done this week and I'm feeling on top of uni work. On Wednesday Scott came round for tea and we had nachos for tea while watching Modern Family. Starting to get pretty into it now and all I want to do is binge watch it. Scott managed to get to sleep really easily but I lay awake for ages. 

On Thursday morning it was back to Chemistry Labs which meant a busy day for me. Thankfully I was finished uni by just after five so was able to get home and do an hour of work before relaxing in front of the TV and Prison Break. Friday was another jam packed day because I was going home with Scott but also had four hours of classes to fit in. I got up early and got it all done.

I was very thankful to get to Scott's on Friday evening and just be able to relax. I started to feel pretty unwell but we made fajitas for tea and continued to watch Modern Family. Mum came to get me the next day because I had a driving lesson at 1:30pm which didn't go well. I'd rather not talk about it but this is the first time I have really left like maybe I won't pass my driving test.

The rest of the weekend has been spent doing nothing. We took the dogs for a walk on Saturday evening, I spent most of Sunday in my jammies and watched Scotland win the rugby. Hopefully this is the fuel I need for next week.

I am turning 21 a week tomorrow!! Sorting out plans with friends, family and my boyfriend isn't easy but I'm still looking forward to it. Plus I bought a new dress for a night out!

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