An Awesome Orange Lumberjack Style Shirt

Wednesday, March 9

Shirt: Primark | Jeans: Glamourous Outfitters* | Shoes: Vans
How awesome is this orange shirt? Mum spotted it in Primark and I loved the colour, style and material straight away. Even better as it was only £5 so I took it straight to the till. It made from a thicker material which makes it perfect for this changing season and the brushed cotton is really soft.

I used to be really into checked shirt - see two older looks here and here - but I've not bought one in ages. I'm not sure why but maybe it was because I have been more attracted to dresses and knitwear. What I really like about them is how easy they are to wear. I just throw on a shirt, denim jeans and boots or trainers and I'm ready to go. They also go really well with skater skirts which are another staple of my wardrobe. 

This outfit is very simple but I still hope you enjoy it. Annoying I couldn't find the shirt online because it was in the sale but it is worth looking for it in store. 

I'm going home this weekend so hopefully I can find more inspiration to take some more outfit pictures. It is my birthday is less than two weeks so I wanted something pretty, girly and sparkly to wear!


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