My week in pictures #165

Wednesday, March 30

(From top left) Birthday meal at Ask Italian with Mum, Dad and Scott. 21st birthday selfie - looking grown up!? All my birthday cards plus a cute banner my flatmate but up. Tuesday night out with blogger friends in Union Square - you can see my post here. I made Tanya Burr's chocolate cookies on Wednesday. Inside this awesome chocolate shell there is a banana boston cream cake with homemade custard for my birthday lunch.

On Monday it was my 21st Birthday. A pretty good start to the week - I got up early to have chocolate croissants with my flatmate, Eilidh, and open some presents. Monday is my busy day so I had to meet my poster group at 10am then I had lectures from 12pm to around 4:30pm. I didn't let this spoil my good mood though because my birthday always makes me ridiculously happy. After he finished work Scott came round and we got ready for a meal out. We met my parents in Ask Italian, the food was delicious and even though we only got to see them for a couple of hours it was lovely to spend my birthday with them. I had such a good day and lots and lots of birthday messages from my blogging friends. 

On Tuesday I was pretty busy too but I also got to do something really exciting. I was invited along to Union Square's Supper Safari - you can read more about it here - and it was great to put some faces to twitter handles and chat to some local bloggers. I stayed until after 10pm so it was late when I got home and I was shattered. 

As Scott and I have done almost every Wednesday for the past two years he came round for tea. This time we ordered a cheeky Papa John's Pizza. Yummy! The rest of the week I spent rushing around feeling like I didn't have anytime. I was going home for the weekend so there was uni deadlines to meet and a flat to be tidied. Friday was stressful and to top that the traffic was bad in Aberdeen so it took us ages to get home. Or maybe it just felt like ages because I wanted to be out of the city.

My weekend was so good though! On Saturday I had a driving lesson (actually a low point of the weekend) but we won't dwell on that. We spent the rest of the day getting ready to welcome my family on Sunday for a birthday lunch. On Sunday I got up quite early despite the clocks changing to make a birthday cake then make sure I was ready in time. It had been along time since all the family have been together and for the first time Scott was there too. I got to play with my little cousins and talk to aunties and uncles I love so much. My the time everyone left and I went to be I was shattered but also the happist girl in the world!

Feeling soppy now so I will leave it there. Hope everyone else had a good easter weekend and hopefully I'll get to catch up on lots of blog posts this week. I got some time to finally give my 'About Me' page a much needed update so check it out and let me know what you think.

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