My week in pictures #166

Sunday, April 3

(From top left) On Tuesday Scott and I celebrated two years as a couple. My foundation brush arrived from 'Girl Meets Brush' this week and it is so soft. I manage to fix the problem that no one gave me easter eggs - by buying plenty in the sale for myself. I finished the third Logan McRae book this week - I'm addicted to this series. A little haul from Apricot Clothing* which will feature on the blog soon. Sunday night treat at the Cairngorm Hotel in Aviemore. 
Finally the last week of term meant I could slow down a bit. I rushed back to Aberdeen on Monday morning and managed to get my final assignment submitted with 6 minutes to spare. That meant I could take the rest of the week at my own speed for a change. On Wednesday I went into town to get some things for my first residential geology field trip. I wandered round all the outdoor shops in town then persuaded Scott to stop at Sports Direct on the way home. It is only 10 minutes walk from my flat and of course I managed to get everything there. We had the flat to ourselves so we made lasagna and lay on the sofa watching 'Modern Family' and the end of 'Lucky Man'.

The rest of the week I spent prepping for leaving the flat for the holidays. I hate leaving it in a state so there was plenty of work to be done and two suitcases to be packed. After an early morning on Friday I was totally ready for Scott to pick me up about 4:30pm and drive home. 

If you follow this blog you will know that every year my family takes a holiday to Aviemore. Lots of cousins and aunties and uncles so it is a lot of fun. This year is baby Sophie's first which is lovely. We left about 2pm on Saturday afternoon to drive up - a journey I really dislike but I get bored in the car. Once we arrived it was just a matter of unpacking and having tea. Of course I got cuddles with my baby cousin too. 

The first day of the holiday zoomed past. We went to the pub to watch the football in the afternoon - thank goodness Aberdeen won! Today I also had to visit the chemist because I left my Asthma medicine at home!? Usually I am so careful and bring plenty of spares but this time I didn't have any... Luckily an emergency prescription was so easy to pick up and free too! Panic over because now I totally rely on having them as a safety blanket. After a walk back from town and a chill at the apartment we went out for tea to the cairngorm hotel. Normally I look forward to it all week so it was different to go on the first night. Feeling stuffed now though and very sleepy...

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